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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Ouch! My face!

Hello everyone,

Hope you are enjoying this bank holiday weekend. I have spent mine applying large amounts of arnica gel to my very swollen face.

You will see the pictures below, and no, I haven't had dodgy fillers done (thanks sis!). I had my wisdom teeth taken out on Wednesday afternoon and this is the aftermath.

Thankfully the pain wasn't as bad as I thought it would be (plenty of ibuprofen and co-codamol have sorted that) but I wasn't prepared for just how huge my face would swell.

As the doctors told me to be on a soft food only diet, I have been slurping my way through smoothies, yoghurts and soups. I am dying to have something more substantial but I still can't open my mouth properly and chewing is a definite no.

My mum sent some arnica gel down with my sister so I have been applying it generously and the bruising does look better already- I am now yellow instead of purple. Apparently it can take up to a month to fully recover so I am lucky it's improving already.

The hardest part has been not doing as much as I normally would with my daughter. Every time I lean forward, the bleeding in my mouth starts again so picking her up and playing with her has been challenging. She knows when mummy isn't right and she's been really upset and clingy- she just wants cuddles bless her.

We did take her out on Saturday afternoon (I felt like I was getting cabin fever from being indoors for so long) and she enjoyed getting some sunglasses and eating tapas.

Tomorrow I hope to lessen the number of painkillers I take (the co-codamol are great but I have felt doped all weekend!) and venture out for a walk of the weather is good!

So here it is...the weekend in pictures

I ate...tomato soup

I applied...arnica gel

I admired...the impressive shape of my jaw