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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

Hope you have had plenty of treats and not so many tricks!

I was lucky enough to see the new James Bond film "Skyfall" today. I have to say (as someone who isn't a massive Bond fan) it's incredible! Our local cinema does a mum and baby screening on a Wednesday morning which is fantastic if you can't easily get a baby sitter.

I definitely don't look like a princess at the moment since my daughter had started waking every 2 hours to feed!

Here are the aspects of the challenge I am managing to stick to: exfoliate weekly, use an anti-ageing skin cream, apply eye cream, intensive nail treatment, go for a walk daily, eat a healthy breakfast daily, remove make-up each night, de-fuzz regularly, have one early night per week, give up crisps and finally only have two cups of tea per day.

I really hope these a good "habits" that I will continue after the 100 days is up. It's also led me to think about what other sort of challenges I would like to undertake in a 100 day time frame. My current favourite is 100 days of doing something kind for strangers. Let me know if you have any challenge ideas for me!

Here is the day in pictures...

I ate Lindt chocolate

I applied Ojon hair treatment

I admired my new camera

I wore Mango jodhpurs

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