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Sunday, September 30, 2012

A fabulous few days!

Wow it's been a very busy weekend here as my fabulous friend Vik is getting married in a few weeks and her sister and I had to plan the hen weekend!

Our lovely Vik is always the first to organise a celebration for our group of friends so we wanted to do things she would enjoy.

Saturday's activity was "Go Ape" an aerial assault course in a Yorkshire forest. Proud to say that even those scared of heights did it! Unfortunately I couldn't go as my little angel won't take a bottle so I had to be on hand at all times to feed her.

Instead I snuck into Viks house and laid out a little feast for when the girls got back along with a case of chilled Prosecco which went down very very well! I even managed to join everyone for a drink and my lovely partner looked after our daughter. Sadly she wasn't quiet for long so I slinked home after dinner while the hens went out.

I also presented Vik's sister with a triple layer caramel cake made for her 30th birthday- which is tomorrow! You will see a pic below. The cake went down a storm after our pizza and wine.

Today we whisked the bride off to a posh hotel for a gourmet chocolate making course which proved a great hangover cure and a hit with everyone- pics of the chocs I made can be found below.

Tonight me and the other half enjoyed a curry with Vik and her fiancée (baby even slept in her cot the whole time too!)

So between coffee mornings, baking birthday cakes, setting up buffets and making gourmet chocolate it's been a pretty mad weekend. I haven't been to bed before midnight for an entire week and I am now pretty tired! Worth it for all the fun though.

Tomorrow I will be back on the Princessing- I have stuck to the alcohol rule as I am still breastfeeding but the fruit and veg and no crisps has gone out the window. That said the weekend wasn't a total write off as I still managed to cleanse, tone and moisturise each day, apply my hair oil and take my vitamins.

Hope you all had an amazing weekend- see you tomorrow!

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