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Saturday, September 22, 2012

All cold on the Western front....

Hi everyone!

Sorry for the lack of blog action today- it's been a bit hectic. I have decided to play around with the layout so I can bring you bigger pictures. Let me know what you think!

We all woke feeling worse than we did last night, our poor little girl is so blocked up and it's pretty horrible to see her ill and upset.

Today's healthy breakfast was porridge and a drink of hot water with honey and a slice of lemon to soothe my throat which worked a treat. Then yet another hot shower to clear my sinuses after some body brushing.

I did walk today but for an even shorter time than yesterday and only because we went out for a look round the shops, bought 2 bedside tables and there was no room for me (and baby) in the car along with them. Still, it was nice to get into the fresh air and sunshine even if I felt like I had run a marathon by the time I got home. I've only achieved 13 of my targets today, might try and squeeze in some more water before bed to make it 14!

My lovely friends at Monkbar Pharmacy donated some gorgeous handmade soaps as a raffle prize for my Macmillan coffee morning next Friday. So jealous of the lucky girl who gets to take them home. I've decided to make a chocolate orange cake for the big day, it always goes down well and it's gluten free too. Really excited about bringing you pics of gorgeous cakes next Friday.

We're a tad subdued tonight as we were supposed to be attending a 1920's themed birthday party- I would never miss the chance to wear sequins! Instead we are sitting with a box of tissues, Olbas Oil and fruit to give us some vitamins- oh the glamour!

So here's the day in pictures:

I ate.....I applied.....I admired...... I wore.....

Strawberries for a vitamin hit, Sweet Cecily Chocolate Lip Balm, Gorgeous Handmade Soaps and Mac by Mango

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