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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

At least she wasn't wearing socks....

I'm currently sitting at home drinking a gin and tonic and eating a LOT of chocolate. My partner is attending to our daughter who is very vocal tonight!

I was hoping we'd get out today and visit my friend and her new baby. However when we got up this morning my daughter was very snotty and still had a bit of a temperature. The last thing I wanted was to pass the cold on to my friend's baby so we ended up staying home.

The Princessing has gone pretty well in the past 24 hours. Last night I had a lovely bath with some Elemis Bath Foam (you will find a picture in The Day in Pictures below), exfoliated, put on a lovely Liz Earle Moisture Mask and moisturised everywhere- lovely! Went to bed feeling very very chilled out!

Today has gone quite well, I managed my flossing, anti-ageing cream, eye cream, a healthy breakfast (yoghurt and fruit today!), applied hair oil, took my vitamins/fish oil, avoided crisps, moisturised and stuck to my two cups of tea! I have to say that after the first 10 days I really do feel better, my skin looks great and my hair is lovely and shiny. I feel generally a bit less stressed, I think because I am taking time out to look after myself.

I also took the time to plan my list for the coffee morning, I'm going to make a Chocolate Orange Cake, Victoria Sandwich, Rocky Road and a Lemon Drizzle Cake. A couple of my friends are supplying cup cakes so there will be plenty cake to go round. Really excited about the prospect of making all these yummy cakes for a good cause.

Today's "It wouldn't happen to a real princess" moment comes courtesy of my daughter who managed to kick her foot into her (rather dirty) nappy just as I was changing it. Thankfully I had taken her socks off (after a prior poo and sock incident) so it was only her leg that I need to clean, although she did manage to get in right the way up to her knee. (!)

Tomorrow I am going to stretch myself and hit all 20 targets. This may mean I am up until some crazy time of night baking!!

Here is the day in pictures:

I ate.....I applied.....I admired.....I wore.....

Fish and chips (naughty!), Elemis Sp@ Home Bath Elixie

Pencil Skirts on, Wrap cardigan from Warehouse 

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