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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Boys...well girls....are back in town!

The day in pictures:

I ate.....I applied......I admired.....I wore.....

A naughty burger, VO5 Miracle Oil, My newly groomed brows, Zara Suede Boots

After my slightly stressful beginning to the day, I decided to try and salvage what I could of the challenge!

After a fish finger sandwich (I needed some comfort food), I slipped on my new boots and walked to our second playdate of the day. Yesterdays squats at baby yoga had obviously done some good as my thighs feel seriously sore today! At the playdate I was plied with another cup of tea and some more cake (it was chocolate swiss roll) while showing the little one's a book with various animals- I even added noises for comic effect!

I have achieved 13 of my targets today, I find the easiest ones are things like taking vitamins, going for a walk, using an eye cream etc. The tough ones for me are diet related- I don't know if other people feel this way but when you have a new baby to feed, there is so little time to prepare food. Today I've found myself having comfort foods and reaching for fizzy drinks to boost my energy because we had a bad night. I really do take my hat off to all the other mums doing the challenge, it's tough.

Have bathed my little girl and popped her down to bed, I hope she'll sleep well after her busy day- we have her vaccinations tomorrow which makes me feel a bit nervous!

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