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Friday, October 12, 2012

Evening (or should that be morning) all...

Well it's past midnight and I can't sleep! My daughter has been asleep for a couple of hours now but I am wide awake. Don't feel sorry for me- I had a nap at 6pm and that's what is keeping me up now.

It's cold and dark here but I an enjoying lounging around on the sofa wrapped up in my cuddly dressing gown and listening to the rain outside.

So what have I decided to get up to on this rare baby free time? Well I've sorted out a pile of washing and unpacked the dishwasher. Then I thought- this is complete madness! What you should do is sit down, get comfortable and just enjoy the silence!

As for princessing, I managed to get back on the healthy breakfast bandwagon with porridge to start my day. I also drank a lot of water (and milk as I had terrible heartburn). I cleansed, toned and moisturised as usual and took my little one out for a walk which she slept through. My fruit intake has been terrible, largely due to the heartburn and I also had some fizzy juice. Oops!

My eyebrows are now taking over my face and being dark haired, they are very very obviously out of control. Roll on Saturday so I can have them threaded as my partner watches the baby.

I'm really excited as my sister is coming down from Scotland to visit, I haven't seen her in a couple months so it will be great to catch up properly. She has just found herself a nice house to move into with her boyfriend so I have bought them a couple of presents for their new place. I also had a clear out of my own cupboards and have lots of glasses/mugs/utensils etc to give them.

I'll be back later today to fill you in on my activities, I've decided to re-start "bottle wars" with my little girl so I may be a tad frazzled by 10am!

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