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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Boredom in the bedroom

Hi everyone,

You've been reading for a little while now so I don't mind showing myself up a little bit.

You see, things haven't been so great in the bedroom department I don't mean like THAT!

I've taken some pictures, you'll see them at the bottom of the post. While I have been trying to make myself look like a princess, my bedroom has been looking more like a pig pen.

I'm bored. I can't repaint or carpet because its a rented house but this room needs a makeover.

We have decent foundations- the furniture is good quality and the bed linen is Egyptian cotton. I love the bedside lamps (a bargain on eBay!) but we are lacking that luxe feeling. There's not much personality, no mirrors and I hate the cheap bookcase.

So I have a budget of £100, now lets have some fun (yes, there's a mood board coming on...)

I plan to learn new skills, buy cheap and up cycle as much as I can. I will keep you posted with regular updates! My first step came today when I found two giant faux fur cushions with large shell-type buttons in the local charity shop. They were a bargain at £4 each and I can't wait to use them in the new room.

Today I made some yummy Roasted Tomato and Red Pepper Soup (yum!) and had a lovely play-date with my friend Jane and her son Arthur. I haven't been much of a princess today as I've been short on time so I have booked a hair appointment for next week and I am going to get my eyebrows threaded tomorrow to try and make up for things. I have done my nails tonight (Leighton Denny in Forbidden Territory) and I am about to put on an exfoliating face mask (Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel as always) and slather on some body moisturiser (Body Shop Shea Body Butter at the moment).

My little one has been sleeping really badly lately, the past few nights it's been after 9pm by the time I get her settled and she is up every 2 hours to feed. It's making me think that maybe it's time to think about weaning as she is 5 months old now and very interested in food. I want to resist until we are as close to 6 months as possible but I have to admit it's getting harder, especially when most of my friends are weaning their babies now. I would love to hear your weaning stories as quite honestly I don't have a clue what to do!

Finally today I want to share with you some exceptional customer service that I experienced. In York, there is a shop called "Expecting" who specialise in maternity wear and nursing bras. I measured myself for some new nursing bras today (I have been wearing totally, utterly, the wrong size and shoe-horning my giant boobs into bras that give me that awful "double boob effect, not to mention the near black eyes if I walk too fast!!). I ordered some new nursing bras from Expecting online and awaited their arrival next week. I had been putting off going to get measured as I had no-one to look after my little one (her daddy is on night's this coming week) and I was worried she'd get bored and kick off.

Within minutes the owner of the shop had e-mailed me and offered to drop them round today on her way back from work! She called round in the afternoon with the items and said she would give me a full refund or exchange if they didn't fit and also that if I was struggling with size she would easily give me a fitting if I went into the shop. Amazing, amazing service, great products and the chance to support a fantastic local business.

The day in pictures:

I wore my new Merino wool jumper from Uniqlo (until it got baby sick on it), toasty and soft!

I applied Aloe Vera Gel to the blisters on the back of my heels which were burning like mad after an allergic reaction to plasters....

I cringed at my messy bedroom with it's pile of maternity clothes ready to be packed away.....

The "office chic" shredder.....

And rather boring (but admittedly very comfy) bed.....

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