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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Countdown to Christmas!

Having had my partner at home all week, you would think I'd have Christmas pretty much wrapped up, right?!

Wrong...we did finally manage to buy a tree today but there's still a mountain of presents to be wrapped, cards to be posted and food to be purchased. That said we had a great time decorating the tree while listening to Christmas music on the iPod. My particular favourite (The Pogues if you want to know) featured on the play list along with the classic Samta Baby.

I am in on my own tonight as its my
Partners works Christmas night out-I can only hope he isn't too ill tomorrow (as he has agreed to babysit for part of the day!)

My plan was to have dinner (homemade soup) wrap some gifts and write some cards. Instead, I didn't eat until after 9pm (my little one wouldn't settle so I spent around an hour walking up and downstairs every 5 minutes). By this point my motivation was gone so I painted my nails instead.

Then one of my friends popped round (with a bottle of red wine) and we had a "fashion show" as we tried to choose an outfit for a wedding she is attending tomorrow.

All in all a lovely day but perhaps not the most productive!

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