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Sunday, December 30, 2012

The all new cut the c*@p 100 day challenge!

Hi everyone,

I promised that I would start another 100 day challenge and as I revealed earlier in the week, the aim of this challenge is to become more organised and rid my home of clutter.

Now I don't want to sound "airy-fairy" but I think this clutter has a negative affect on my mental health. Some days (when I end up stuck in the house because my daughter is grouchy or the weather is terrible) I stare at the detritus around me and it feels like the walls are closing in. I get so irritated when I have lost the sat nav for the millionth time or when I look in the wardrobe and see a mish-mash of clothes none of which seem to suit me.

And lets not forget the waste, cupboards full of tins that I never use, beauty products that I opened, tried then didn't use again. Some things I haven't ever opened at all- you know what I mean, those 3 for 2 offers at certain large beauty stores...

So I aim to do one de-cluttering/organisational task per day, for the next 100 days. If you want to join me, we can try and help each other along with motivation, advice, recycling and swapping.

Step 1: Make a plan.

I decided to list the aims of my challenge and use them as a focus. Here they are:

1. Clean out the kitchen cupboards and get rid of out-of-date food, tupperware with no lids, excess dishes and utensils and cook books which are never used.

2. Buy (and put up!!) a key rack and notice boars to aid organisation.

3. Turn one of my (many) notebooks into an address book to save me scrolling back through my text messages to find friends addresses.

4. Sort out my little girls room so it's a fun room to be proud of rather than a dumping ground for all the junk we never got the chance to get rid of before I fell pregnant.

5. Sell or freecycle un-needed items such as the bookcase, old laptops, clothes, books etc.

6.Get rid of the old, hard (and in some cases bleach stained) towels that I never use. Ditto for threadbare sheets.

7. Stock up on stamps, greetings cards and wrapping paper so I am not caught out when my other half comes home and tells me "It's xxxx's birthday tomorrow, do we have a card?"

8. Make our house more organised by designating a place for everything and everything in its place.

9. Learn new skills so I can have fun and make original presents for friends and family.

So what do you think? Let me know if you have any ideas of your own. We start tomorrow!


  1. Fab idea, I do love a bit of organising, my plan is to organise my kitchen and spare room, why i have two of the same cookbook i'll never know. do need a bookcase though or spare room will never get sorted.

    oh and rugs, do not like the idea of little one crawling on bare laminate, may put that at top of list!

  2. Hi Jane,

    I actually have a black Ikea bookcase going spare if you want it. We had a mass clear out and now we don't need it.

    Free to a good home!

    Em xx