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Friday, January 25, 2013

15 minute miracles!

It's hard work being busy.

This week I've been working a lot and still have the weekend to go. The 5.30am work-day wake up calls are really tiring me out.

Add this to all of the other things I have to do (cooking, cleaning, washing, ironing, entertaining baby, yoga, seeing friends and brokering world peace...obviously!) and I am left feeling like there aren't enough hours in the day.

Clearly I am not alone, Grazia magazine printed my letter in response to their article about the guilt associated with the career vs. motherhood debate that is still rumbling on.

So, in the absence of a solution and still feeling like we need to do/have it all:

"What can you do in 15 minutes?"

Have a cup of tea and eat an entire packet of chocolate finger biscuits?

Read a magazine?

Today I have been putting the 15 minute theory to the test and seeing just how much difference it makes to my decluttering challenge.

For my first 15 minutes I decided to focus on the kitchen, I managed to empty the dishwasher and then put it on a hot wash with a cup of vinegar to give it a clean.

Then I emptied the out of date stuff from the fridge in preparation for the shopping delivery later, hung up the washing, put another load in and emptied the bin. Done!

Following a cup of tea and some cuddles with my daughter (who has a chest infection so is resting a lot!) I decided to embark on another 15 minutes. This time in my bedroom.

I managed to put all of the clothes away, dust everything, make the bed, clean the windows and file some paperwork.

The place looks so much tidier and although its not perfect I feel like I am a little more in control and that I have used my time wisely. Fifteen minutes seems like long enough to get things done without tiredness or boredom sneaking in.

I am now going to adopt the 15 minute habit into my life and see just what I can achieve. I would love to hear what you at home can do in 15 minutes!

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