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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Kitchen chaos!

Today was a flurry of activity as I prepared for work next week.

I managed to batch cook some meals for my daughter, they are now all frozen so it will be easy to prepare something healthy for her when we get in at night.

There was even time to bake some cupcakes...

There was various paperwork to be done- but in my attempt to be more organised I filed it straight away (we will say nothing of the giant shredding pile!)

Next, it was the turn of the kitchen cupboards for a declutter. I knew this would be a big challenge as we are full to bursting with kitchen utensils. I have successfully cleared out 5 cupboards, washed the insides and got rid of anything we have too many of (glasses, pastry brushes, manky old baking trays etc!)

It's all boxed up, some of it can go to the charity shop, other bits I will freecycle or eBay.

Most importantly the fridge is cleared out ready for the online shop tomorrow...

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