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Friday, February 15, 2013

Facial oils

My new beauty best friends!

As promised, the subject of this post is facial oils. Recently they have been receiving a lot of press and after my bout of winter illness left me looking less than lovely, I wanted to try one out in order to see if my skin would benefit.


Sorry for shouting, but I just wanted to clear that up. The idea that facial oils would make my skin greasier was part of the reason I avoided them for so long.

Facial oils claim to refine the skin and can be used for a variety of issues including dryness, ageing, dullness and irritation.

The key is to find the oil that suits you- different plants will add different properties to the oil. Here is a very brief run down of some common ingredients:

Lavender- widely used as an agent to sooth the skin, lavender also adds a pleasant fragrance.

Rose- a very nourishing oil, rose is known as an anti-ager.

Geranium- regulates oily/combination skin.

Frankincense- heavily scented, Frankincense is known for its skin toning properties.

How to choose an oil for your skin:

What do you want the oil to do? Are you looking for an anti-ageing oil or something for spot-prone skin?

Price- facial oils seem expensive, prices often start around £15 for 100ml. Remember to balance this with the fact that only 2-3 drops are required per application therefore a bottle should last a very long time.

Ingredients- cheaper oils may contain mineral oil (an oil derived from petroleum). Although mineral oil is an effective moisturiser, there are concerns it can block pores and some individuals can suffer from allergic reactions to it.

Organic oils will cost more however for those who are conscious of the environment, it may be preferable to go organic.

Application: Generally two to three drops of oil are warmed in the hands and applied to the skin before any other moisturiser. Personally, I have been able to skip my night cream since starting my nightly facial oil.

My current favourite: Clarins Facial Oils.

Clarins facial oils have a cult following and were given a makeover in 2012.

Currently available in 3 varieties (Lotus for combination skin, Blue Orchid for dehydrated skin or Santal for extra dry skin), these oils are 100% natural and free of preservatives.

Not only are they beautifully scented but they are incredibly effective. I have only been using the Lotus variety for a few weeks but I am pleased to report that my T-zone is no longer shiny every day, my pores have shrunk and the texture of my skin is better.

Visit: for more details.

Best of the rest:

The well established Decleor Aromessence range is multi-award winning. Their Neroli facial oil is a particular favourite for those seeking smoother skin. See

Aromatherapy Associates Nourishing Facial Oil has recieved extensive press coverage. Although the exact formula is a well kept secret, rose oil and evening primrose are used to replace moisture and soothe skin. See

On the high street:

Brands such as Superfacialist by Una Brennan, Botanics and Neal's Yard Remedies also sell facial oils and may be useful for those on a budget! Prices start from £9.99.

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