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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Freecycle, you are frustrating me!

Now my little one is crawling, we are having to baby proof the house. She seems to have a knack of seeking trouble and can often be found:

a) Trying to pull the digital box off the shelf on the tv unit.
b) Trying to pull pictures off the table top.
c) Crawling into a dark corner to chew electrical cables (!)

On a practical level I think we may benefit from emptying our living room and leaving it bare except for a layer of plastic which will provide a wipe clean surface. In an attempt to compromise however, I have been getting rid of some clutter we don't need anymore,

I decided to use Freecycle to get rid of some bits but every time I try to post an advert it crashes. After half an hour I decided to sit and sulk instead, leaving a large pile of unwanted tat in the middle of the living room floor.

Today we had an NCT reunion which was lovely, it's amazing how babies change in a few months. We enjoyed a roast dinner and there was plenty of conversation about how none of our babies will sleep through (even though they are nearly 8 months). It's always good to talk to other parents as it can help normalise things you are experiencing- for instance, my grumpy baby has a terrible cold today and I was worried she seems to be catching everything but a quick chat to the other parents reassured me that we are all in the same boat.

The day in pictures...

I ate...Toast and jam

I applied...Barry M nail polish

I wore...Zara bag

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