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Thursday, February 7, 2013

I may be deflated on the inside...

...but on the outside things are still very much inflated.

And incase you wondered, I am not talking about my mouth!

For those of you who haven't stopped feeding yet I offer you this advice: DO NOT GO COLD TURKEY!

Sorry to shout, I just don't want you experiencing the pain, discomfort and bad nights sleep that I am having. My partner isn't escaping either as he is having to do all the settling with baby as she wants milk every time she sees mummy!

I've been worrying a lot about work lately, I still feel very much like a fish out of water. I don't know if its the general feeling of coming back from maternity leave, the anxiety that comes from having a new job- or both.

It's hard to feel that I need to spend my spare time and energy working on my career. What I should say is that I don't mind spending extra time on work- in the current climate I think personal development at home is a given in many jobs.

The hard part is doing it when you have a baby who still isn't in a great bedtime routine and is also up at least twice during the night.

Inevitably, you end up giving in. Your resolve weakens with your tiredness and you find yourself rocking them to sleep just because is means they go down quicker, giving them an extra feed because you know milk makes her sleep.

I keep telling myself if I can "just" get her settled a bit more then I will be able to power on through and things will get better.

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