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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Oh yes, your whole face is swollen!

Was the comment of the lovely dentist I went to see today. Overnight the gum around my wisdom tooth had blown up so large that I felt like I had a giant gobstopper in my mouth!

So one rather painful dental procedure and a prescription for antibiotics later, I hope to be on the mend. I do feel a little sad though as the antibiotics mean I can't feed my daughter anymore. I can't put her at risk for the sake of my own health however, so I am going to have to just get on with it and make sure we have plenty of mummy-daughter cuddles.

It hasn't all been bad today- I stopped at a pharmacy on my way back from the dentist and went to get a pay and display ticket for the car. Some lovely person had stuck their ticket with 30 mins parking left into the pay machine- this gave me free parking with more than enough time to get my tablets so thank you whoever left it!

I then took the car to the local Halfords Garage as the back wiper had decided not to work. The lovely guys looked at it there and then and fitted a new fuse free of charge- as a result I am going to recommend them to all of my friends!

Hopefully an opportunity will present itself so I can pay this good deed forward!

The day in pictures:

I yoghurts.

I applied...large amounts of bonjela.

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