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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Shredding and a gradual retreat...

When you become a parent, sleep becomes a topic of obsession- how much is your baby getting? How much are your friends getting? Is there a way to get more?

We have been fairly lucky in the past few months as our daughter was sleeping through doing about 8 hours a stretch (this didn't happen until she was 8 months old- I'm not going to lie!)

Unfortunately this has regressed over the past week, bedtime is becoming a war despite following the same routine of bath, cuddle, bed and she's waking during the night again. We are tired and feeling hard done by!

So tonight we began the "gradual retreat" technique which essentially involves staying close to your baby until they sleep. The first night you may cuddle them to sleep or sit holding their hand etc. As time progresses you begin to move further away from the cot until you can put baby straight into bed, leave and shut the door.

It worked quite well tonight as she was asleep in a few minutes. Apparently the approach requires consistency so I will keep you updated as the days go on.

I managed to shred again today. My legs still felt like jelly but I rewarded myself with a new body lotion for sticking at it- I had better see results after all this effort!

Today in pictures:

I applied...Garnier Intensive Body Lotion (smells yummy and gives great moisturising at high street prices- my new favourite!)

I daughters ability to "help" in the kitchen

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