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Friday, April 18, 2014

Bank holiday beauty blitz!

Hope everyone is enjoying the sunny bank holiday weather!

Today has been a food-fest for me! It started with homemade berry smoothies and pancakes for breakfast, followed by hot cross buns, biscuits and cheese for lunch and then...drum roll please...the first barbecue of the year. I've probably gone up a dress size overnight but who cares?!

Tomorrow evening I'm on my own (partner is working nights!) so I've decided to have a mini bank holiday beauty blitz, one evening of pampering to make me feel fabulous for the return to work next week.

So let me share with you what's on the list:

1. Pedicure and nail polish
2. Manicure and nail polish
3. Conditioning hair treatment
4. Moisturising face mask
5. A generous slathering of gradual tan as my skin looks blue at the moment!

If I've inspired you let me know what's on your list! Tomorrow I'll update you with the list of products I will be using!

So here's the day in pictures

I ate...large quantities of potato salad. It didn't take me long to make and I put some mustard and parsley in for flavour.

I applied...Blistex relief cream. I love this stuff, it's been around for years. My lips have been really dry this week, probably because I've been out in the sun a lot. Enjoying the instant moisturisation with this cream which doesn't leave a greasy feeling.

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