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Monday, September 17, 2012

Does Kate shampoo her own carpet?!

Hi everyone!

Time for a progress report, today I have achieved 18 of my 20 targets! Yay! I may achieve 19 depending on what time I get to bed.

I mentioned earlier that I decided to buy a beauty treat- a lovely Chanel nail polish.

Am I the only one who feels a bit of anxiety approaching the make-up counter? The ladies always look gorgeous, glamourous and very well groomed. On arrival, I was windswept, sporting a monobrow (I hadn't gone for my threading at that point) and looking a bit knackered due to a severe lack of mascara.

I decided to brazen it out: "I'm looking for a winter nail polish please, I quite like Dior Greige but I wanted to see what Chanel had to offer."

Seriously?! I need to point out that I don't generally bother with summer and winter nail polish, just whatever I like the look of in the drawer and isn't too gloopy! It's also worth pointing out that I only know "Greige" is the colour of the season thanks to a very well informed magazine article....

Luckily the lovely Chanel lady was very accommodating and painted their winter shades on card for me. I settled for Frenzy, a pale gray/taupe type colour which I believe to be the perfect shade for busy mums because it goes with everything and the light colour won't show too many chips!

Before all this princessing goes to my head, I decided to hoover the livingroom. On pulling back the new red rug, I found that the cream carpet is stained pink. Forget princessing tonight- does Kate shampoo her own carpet?

The day in pictures:

I ate......I applied.....My nails look like....

Chilli and Ginger Prawns with Noodles

My new Chanel nail polish
Showing off my new shade.......

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