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Saturday, September 15, 2012

The countdown from day 100- progress so far!

It's been a huge challenge to start princessing today! Last night we had a party to celebrate my partners 30th birthday. This meant cooking for 14 people whilst looking after a teething baby!

Luckily it all went well, the food was gorgeous and the baby eventually slept at midnight.

All this meant I started the princessing challenge a little more tired than I would have liked, here's a summary of today's activities:

Healthy breakfast of banana on toast and yoghurt washed down with water, took vitamins and omega 3, 6 and 9, face mask on, exfoliated and moisturised as per my daily target.

Nails were done yesterday so didn't have to worry about this. Eyebrows getting threaded tomorrow!

I haven't done so well at drinking water (only 3 glasses today) and I totally forgot I wasn't allowed crisps. Oops.....

All in all:

Targets achieved: 14
Targets not achieved: 6

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