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Saturday, September 15, 2012

The princessing 100 day challenge list!

So here's the list as promised! I have tried to set goals which are achievable with a young baby, others undertaking the challenge will aim higher (for example undertaking a workout each day rather than walking) and some will aim lower (limiting the list to 10 important things perhaps).

1. Drink 8 glasses of water daily. (I really struggle to drink 2 per day at the moment!)
2. Exfoliate weekly.
3. Floss each day.
4. Use anti-ageing skin cream.
5. Intensive nail treatment. (for hands or feet)
6. Apply eye cream.
7. Walk daily.
8. Aim for 5 fruit and veg per day.
9. Eat a healthy breakfast daily.
10. Use hair oil.
11. No alcohol during the week. (easy on the alcohol at weekends.)
12. Take a multi-vitamin and fish oils daily.
13. Body brush daily.
14. Remove make-up each night. (and not with a baby wipe!!)
15. Have one early night per week. (with a 12 week old baby?!)
16. Regular hair removal.
17. Give up one naughty thing. (I have chosen crisps!)
18. No fizzy drinks.
19. Daily body moisturising.
20. Limit myself to 2 cups of tea daily. (Instead of the usual 10!)

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