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Monday, November 12, 2012 stomach!

Hi everyone,

Right now I am wrapped up in a lovely wooly jumper and resting a hot water bottle on my stomach. Why, you ask? Well I seem to have damaged my stomach muscles somehow and it's making even little things like picking up baby very painful.

I've tried anti-inflammatories, arnica cream and tablets, support bandages and now the hot water bottle to no avail. Next stop might be the doctor!

It's definitely winter here now and true to form it has been cold and rainy all day. With the colder weather in mind I have changed my beauty routine a little to avoid my hair and skin drying out.

As you know, the challenge involves drinking lots of water to keep skin well hydrated, I crave hot drinks in the cold and have recently discovered a lovely range of herbal teas by Heath and Heather. My particular favourite is Apple and Cinnamon which is bringing me a taste of Christmas a little early!

I've been feeling a little fed up lately, despite steadily losing baby weight, it's started to go back on now (I have gained 4lb). My stomach is stopping me from exercising and I am craving comfort food. All of my lovely pregnancy hair is falling out and the dark circles under my eyes are getting worse! All this being a mum is hard work.

So I have decided to put the chores on hold, get comfy on the sofa and bring you a list of my fave winter products.

A long term fave of mine is Origins Ginger Float bubble bath, the ginger fragrance is gorgeous and spicy, it makes lovely bubbles while at the same time being gentle on the skin- my partner has even been known to use it in his bath!! A range of complementary items is also available so you can layer the scent.

And while you are relaxing in the bath, how about the sound of a roaring fire? If, like me, you don't own a mansion (and luxurious bathroom with open fire), you can emulate the sound and scent the room at the same time with this gorgeous candle by Woodwick. Available in a variety of yummy flavours, they are made from soy wax for a clean, chemical free burn! Currently on my wish list is the Marshmallow fragrance.

After your bath why not slather on some moisturiser to combat that dry winter skin? The Body Shop Shea Body Butter is formulated for very dry skin and, applied the night before, I still have silky skin for the whole of the next day. The scent isn't particularly potent either so great as a unisex product or for those who don't like a strong product.

Winter winds and cold weather can also play havoc with the hair, I have been using Ojon products recently but have newly discovered Lee Stafford Argan Oil Conditioner which leaves my hair silky, shiny and tangle free without weighing it down. Don't be put off by the red bottle, the product itself is white!

And finally, a lovely product for the entire family from the new L'Occitane Bonne Mere collection. This honey body wash can be used as a handwash and is so gentle it can even be used in the kids bath. The packaging is beautiful and functional with the pump dispenser and the fragrance lingers after you rinse.

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