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Friday, November 9, 2012

So I sent for a Boden catalogue

And oh-my-gosh I actually liked a lot of what was in it! What happened to me?! I'm only twenty-something!

It's made me think how funny it is that your style can totally change when you have a baby. Today I got rid of a heap of stuff to the charity shop, it was the last of my big clothes/shoes/bags/accessories clear out.

Amongst the things I got rid of:

1. A red, leather bomber jacket.
2. A pair of tartan platform heels.
3. A studded, metallic hand bag.
4. Several pairs of badly fitting jeans.
5. Lots (and lots and lots) of pants!

Now maybe it's just that my shape has changed, maybe I now prefer comfort over style- a twisted ankle whilst walking with the pram whilst wearing heels has killed any desire to dig out the stilettos, but I just don't seem as interested in owning lots of clothes like I did before. Now I am adhering to a strict one-in-one-out policy and I want to focus on buying quality over quantity.

So can I apply the same principal to my cosmetics collection? Can you recommend me some "dessert island" products?

I spent the day having family time as my partner is on nights this weekend and was lucky to have a lovely meal cooked for me by my friend and her husband. It was delicious and I even had a white wine spritzer with it!

We also tried my little one with some food, she had her first meal of mashed potato and rusk- so proud!

Off to bed now, slathered in body butter. Hoping to get my brows done tomorrow but helping babysit two little boys so I have to admit its not likely!

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