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Monday, February 25, 2013

It's a mans world?!

Right now I am watching political show The Agenda.

Currently the topic being debated is the male dominated culture present in many institutions and whether or not the sexual abuse which appears to have been prevalent in many institutions would have taken place had more women been in top jobs.

I don't tend to wade in to political debate, but I do agree that it still is a "man's world"

The lack of affordable childcare, jobs for the boys attitude seen in the political landscape and the fact that we'll still judge a woman on her appearance before taking her talents and abilities into consideration illustrates perfectly that the feminist cause still has a way to go.

"So what's her point?" I hear you say.

Sure, I spend my time baking the odd cake, doing yoga and deliberating which face cream to buy. But right now I am also spending my time trying to find well-paid part-time work where my desire to be a mother and a worker doesn't stand against me.

It's sad that we often become aware of flaws in the system when they affect us on a personal level. I'd like to hope the next government will consider the working woman to be the most important voter, but I won't cross my manicured fingers!

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