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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Day 1 of Summer-prep Princessing

You may have you use your imagination slightly here. I know this weekend is officially the start of British Summer Time but its still very very cold (and snowy in many parts of the UK!)

Undeterred by the UK weather I pushed on with my challenge and today managed to increase my water intake, take my vitamins, remove my chipped nail polish and do some exercise.

Today's exercise was a 1.5 hour yoga class, part of which (ironically) was spent on foot massage- I am now even more aware of my rhino feet. It's foot cream and cotton socks before bed for me tonight.

I've been reading a lot about Korean skincare recently, famed for their youthful and radiant skin, Korean women are said to follow an extensive skin care regime of 5 to 8 steps in length.

In homage to such dedication I have decided to adopt the "double cleanse" an will be keeping you posted on whether or not my skin is benefits.

The day in pictures...

I ate...A (slightly) naughty but very nice Bakewell Flapjack from Blackfriars. I was paying 85 pence for these in a health food shop but recently discovered Aldi stock them for an incredible 49 pence!

I applied...Vichy 3 in 1 cleansing water . The first cleansing step in my new double cleanse regime. This ultra gentle solution removes makeup and soothes skin without leaving tightness or irritation.

I admired...the dedication of Korean women and their extensive skincare regimes!

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