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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Missing: Bread.

After the worst nights sleep in a long time (up 3 times- thanks teething child!) I wasn't full of enthusiasm at the prospect of a low carb breakfast.

I did manage a home made smoothie (with more yoghurt than fruit) and a protein bar and felt pretty full up. I was at a training day today and the later start meant I could do the 30 minute walk to the station.

Lunchtime proved more difficult as the gods had situated the training venue in the same place as a Krispy Kreme shop. I spent my lunch time eating a tuna salad which perched on a bench opposite the obit shop. Like a vulture circling, I could smell blood (well, chocolate frosting but you get the idea) and had to tear myself away and look at expensive handbags (which I had no intention of buying) in John Lewis.

Tonight I cycled to yoga instead of taking the car so I've had plenty of exercise today- 30 mins walking, 30 mins cycling, 90 mins of yoga.

I'm trying to man up enough to do some before and after shots but its just too depressing to post them at the moment! Watch this space and I'll see what I can do.

The day in pictures:

I ate...sausages and ratatouille. At first I thought strange combination but I am loving this high protein combo, filling and 1 of your 5 a day.

I applied...Clinique Thirst Relief Gel Cream which is providing me with great moisturisation and acts as a fantastic base for make-up.

I tips from the lovely Jane. Check out her blog Janes Juggle which tells the tale of a working mum and competitive horse rider.

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