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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

My bum hurts...

No really, apparently it happens when you haven't been on a bike for years! I think frozen peas may be deployed!

It's been a good day diet wise, stuck to my high protein and although tempted to reach for the chocolate (hard day at work!) I have resisted thus far. One thing I must say is its really hard to grab food on the go, I went into looking for snack and a trip to the small Co-op next door landed me some prawns and dip, not entirely satisfying with a cup of tea!

Going to invest in the Hairy Dieters cookbook (thanks Alison!) and am considering a foray into the world of protein powder- any advice welcome on this subject. 

So here's the day in pictures:

I ate...lamb with Mediterranean vegetables which would have been better with a side of mashed potato. I managed to injure myself by dropping the phone on to the plate whilst taking the picture and spilling hot veg on my leg. 

I applied...Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain in Honey. Very well used, very much like a certain brand beginning with C, very very much cheaper.

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