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Monday, August 19, 2013

The blog is back, and this time it's, erm, blobby...

Last week, we had a holiday in the Lake District. I had been looking forward to it for sometime and spent the week walking, then eating cake, taking my daughter to the park, then having more cake, putting my daughter to bed, then having a 3-course meal with wine (and cake obviously!)

The result, well I can no longer fasten the trousers I intended to wear to work tomorrow and I am tipping the scales at 59kg. It's the heaviest I have ever been. Ever.

So I've decided to resurrect my little corner of the Internet as I try to slim down and (more importantly) get fit!

I've decided to go low carb (which means no cake- humph!) and exercise as much as I can.

Now, taking a deep breath, here are my vital stats on day one.

Weight 59kg
Chest 36 inches
Waist 32 inches (whaaat?!! Really?!)
Hips 36 inches
Thighs 21 inches

How easy will it be to go low carb when I love carbs and can't stand the thought of eggs for breakfast? Will I ever fit back into the cocktail dress I wore once before I got pregnant? And, will the cellulite cream I bought actually work?!

Here is day 1 in pictures:

I ate... Salmon with sundried tomatoes and garlic alongside steamed spinach and carrots.

I applied...Soap and Glory Sit Tight which promises to slim when used as part of a healthy lifestyle.

I admired...the abs of Jillian Michaels whose DVD I am currently completing.

Wish me luck!

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